Writing Team

The Young Australian Skeptics currently has a 15-​​person writing team, 4 of whom also serve as editors and site administrators. Select guest authors also contribute articles.

Young, into science and skepticism, and want to contribute to the site? Send in your writing via our Submissions page.


Jack Scanlan

Jack is a writer, podcaster and insect geneticist, and happens to be the President of the Young Australian Skeptics. Don’t make him choose between science, music and comedy – that’d be a terrible thing to do. Visit full profile »

Belinda Nicholson

Belinda is currently studying a Master of Science (Physics) at the University of Melbourne, conducting research in astronomy. Being a lover of science and the scientific method since conception, skepticism came easily to Belinda, always pursuing the real — rather than the convenient — answer to problems. In her ‘spare’ time, she enjoys knitting, baking and drinking cider, especially when done simultaneously. Visit full profile »

Tom Lang

When he’s not teaching atomic theory to Grade 3s or human decency to Year 9s, Tom can be found telling obscure jokes in a dingy bar, making films, or arguing Nature versus Nurture (on the side of Nature). He enjoys scarves, is handy with a gluegun, and his favourite word is “vituperative”. Visit full profile »

Elliot Birch

Elliot Birch is the original creator of the Young Australian Skeptics. The idea was formed in 2008 while he was studying multimedia at college. He found that many of his class mates were quick to believe things of a religious or pseudoscientific nature, and after reading Richard Dawkins’s The Ancestor’s Tale, he was spurred on to create a site and community that would help promote science to young people in Australia and worldwide. Visit full profile »


Ben Vernel

Ben is an agnostic, a skeptic and a Pisces — so he’s totally creative and gets lost in his own daydreams and that is a real thing, come on guys. Ben writes and performs comedy and works as a digital producer. If you want to argue with him about pop culture, follow him on Twitter. Visit full profile »

Elizabeth Riaikkenen

Elizabeth, also known affectionately as “Wizzie”, was raised by unicorns. Or so she thinks. With no interest in the world left untouched and her hobbies changing frequently, her only two constants are her level of sanity (zero) and blemishing pretty words to confuse predators. Has reason to question her own existence and whether she was ever there in the first place. Visit full profile »

Holly Warland

Holly Warland is a wannabe science rockstar. She’s of the mistaken and narcissistic Gen Y head-​​​​space that people want to hear about her opinions regarding religion, psychology, skepticism, feminism, literature, science, media, culture, biology and neuroscience. She collects books faster than she can read them, suffers from Vitamin D deficiency due to being indoors all the time, wishes she could time travel to meet Carl Sagan, and smells of rich mahogany. Visit full profile »

Jack Neubecker

Jack Neubecker is a Queensland high school student. His main interest in science is in the area of physics, especially quantum mechanics, but he is mostly a fan of science in general. Above everything else, he enjoys defending the scientific method, science as a philosophy, logic and exposing logical fallacies. He is already taller than 13% of all NBA all-​​stars in history — and uses this to his advantage when he plays his favourite sports: American football, basketball, cricket or running. Visit full profile »

Jasmine Marosvary

Jasmine Marosvary fills the skeptic type of I-don’t-know-science-well-but-it-is-so-awesome. Most shiny things will capture her curiosity. When not admiring her tall pile of law textbooks or organising her highlighters by shade, she volunteers for Anti-​​Slavery Australia, Black Dog Institute and the Barristers Animal Welfare Panel. She also legitimately enjoys public speaking and is on the committee of her local Toastmasters club. Visit full profile »

Jonathan Meddings

Jonathan Meddings is a fencing coach and board member of the Rationalist Society of Australia, Australia’s oldest freethought group. He has a degree in Medical Laboratory Science with Honours from James Cook University. His research interest is comparative immunology, with a proclivity for turtles. In his spare time Jonathan enjoys writing, frequenting Melbourne cafes, and drinking scotch. Visit full profile »

Luke Freeman

Luke Freeman works in Digital Marketing at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. This is the part where he must state that his views are his own and not that of his employer. Unlike most of the other writers here, he do not have a professional or academic background in science, just a lifelong love of it. You can find “παν μέτρον άριστον” tattooed to his back, meaning that there truly is a good reason to ask him to take his shirt off. Visit full profile »

Luke Weston

Luke Weston is a writer, science communicator and embedded computer engineering consultant who is planning to go back to grad school (in experimental physics) soon. He loves to improve public science literacy — not just in terms of knowledge, but perhaps more importantly in regards to critical thinking and the scientific method itself. Visit full profile »

Rachael Skerritt

Rachael Skerritt is a chrestomathic soon-​​​​to-​​​​be biologist-​​​​in-​​​​training, who just finished her final year of high school. Outside of science, she is a word nerd, enjoying linguistics and the French language. She has, at various stages, learnt (and forgotten) Chinese, Indonesian, Japanese, Auslan and Finnish. Next: Gallifreyan. Like most teenagers, she drinks too much coffee, eats too much chocolate and doesn’t get enough sleep. Visit full profile »

Sarah McBride

When Sarah was a young lass, she didn’t know what she wanted to be when she grew up. She is currently completing an undergraduate degree of Medicine and Surgery at Monash University, and she still has no idea. She suffers from crippling addictions to caffeine and Tumblr; when the stress of these addictions gets too much, Sarah likes to relax by singing to her pot-​​plants. Visit full profile »

Toni Henderson

Toni is a twenty-​​something rural child who moved from the fresh country air to the big city all in the name of science. Originally planning to study particle physics, Toni has since ditched the equations and is now a graduate student in Geology (MSc) from the University of Melbourne, much to the delight of her mother. When she hasn’t disappeared off the face of the technological Earth or when she’s not (literally) in an underground laboratory, Toni strums her ukulele and bakes things. Visit full profile »