The Skeptical Blog Anthology

Edited by Kylie Sturgess for the Young Australian Skeptics, The Skeptical Blog Anthology features essays by: Dr. Phil Plait of Bad Astronomy, Dr. Karen Stollznow of the Point of Inquiry podcast, Doubtful News’s Sharon Hill, Dr. Petra Boynton, the JREF’s Brian Thompson, Skepticblog’s Daniel Loxton and Yau-​​Man Chan, New York City Skeptics’ Lisa Bauer, UK skeptic Dr Chris French, Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe’s Evan Bernstein and many others.

This book is a collection of reader-​​nominated online articles and blog posts, representing the best of a new wave of online skepticism. Collected over a year, it features a plethora of posts on topics ranging from the vaccination debate, paranormal claims, the ongoing creep of creationism into politics and education, conspiracy theories, homeopathy, outreach, all kinds of alternative medicine, and even attempts to tackle the question “What is skepticism?”

The Skeptical Book Anthology is available in both print and ebook formats.