Unfiltered Thoughts

Young people, big topics: over coffee

The media regularly portrays “academics” as men in a musty clothing coats with wiry hair — but in reality, those who are interested in science, philosophy and complex ideas are a varied bunch and most of them are probably a lot younger than you might imagine. However, it’s hard to find out what these young people think, since they’re rarely asked.

This podcast exists to showcase the ideas and opinions of young people — because nobody else is.

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Unfiltered Thoughts is a fortnightly podcast that asks young people what they think about issues relating to science and skepticism. Each episode focuses on one person and their main topic of interest, all over coffee in a Melbourne café with the show’s host, Jack Scanlan.

Links to each episode can be found here.

Want to be on the show or just share your thoughts? Write to Jack at unfilteredthoughtspodcast(at)gmail(dot)com.