The Pseudoscientists

Science, news and pop culture

Are you interested in science, but don’t know where to get updated on the latest discoveries? Are you skeptical of alternative medicine, the paranormal, conspiracy theories and pseudoscience, but surrounded by friends and family who believe it all wholeheartedly? Simply want to hear a group of friends discuss issues relating to science, skepticism, critical thinking and everything in between?

If so, this podcast is for you.
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The Pseudoscientists is a weekly discussion podcast that focuses on science and skepticism news and popular culture, with special guests, interviews, personal stories and general ridiculousness.

The show began in late 2008 with a collection of six hosts and has featured a rotating roster of voices ever since. Most recent episodes feature a guest host and earlier episodes regularly had interviews with prominent members of the science and skepticism communities (see a complete list of these guests/​interviewees here). Currently, most interviews are released as standalone episodes.

The current hosts of The Pseudoscientists are Jack ScanlanRachael SkerrittTom LangSarah McBride and Elizabeth Riaikkenen.

Shows notes for each episode can be found here.