Toni Henderson

Toni is a twenty-something rural child who moved from the fresh country air to the big city all in the name of science. Originally planning to study particle physics, Toni has since ditched the equations and is now a graduate student in Geology (MSc) from the University of Melbourne, much to the delight of her mother. When she hasn’t disappeared off the face of the technological Earth or when she’s not (literally) in an underground laboratory, Toni strums her ukulele and bakes things.

While opinions on everything are a dollar a dime these days, defending science and its regular misuse in the media is Toni’s secret superhero mission. Yeah, her cape is a lab coat – and yes, spandex is never appropriate – but providing a minimal scientific education to everyday discourse is her noble goal.

She has previously written for the Melbourne chapter of the Triple Helix magazine, and is currently helping to re-calculate the age of kimberlites from southern Africa, as well as sitting-in on the team determining uranium speciation of encrusted microbes in groundwater from Western Australia.

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