Tom Lang

Tom Lang has always done a lot of different things so that he can avoid committing fully to any one of them. Somehow he has wound up with degrees in Archaeology, Zoology, and a Graduate Diploma in Science Communication, which is enough for now.

He currently earns his bread by teaching primary schoolers about the wonders of the universe (or just making slime), or trying to get Year 9s to turn off their phones for just one bloody minute and LISTEN because this is really important and, okay, you know what? Fine. Just do the damn worksheets, I’m over here if you need me.

On his days off he does stand-up comedy, radio (you can hear him nearly every week on The Pseudo Scientists podcast, as well as SYN’s Science Hour), writing (but not as much as he should), filmmaking, and even some watercolours here and there.

He plays too many video games, watches too many movies, has a predeliction for parentheses, and makes up for his many talents by being a terrible, terrible, just-simply-awful cook. No deaths have thus far been directly linked to his careless (careFREE) attitude to food safety.

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