Sarah McBride

When Sarah McBride was a young lass, she didn’t know what she wanted to be when she grew up. She is currently completing an undergraduate degree of Medicine and Surgery at Monash University, and she still has no idea.

Although she’s never written for anything professionally, she greatly enjoys unprofessional writing (the less professional the better!) and has contributed to high school year books, university publications and even possibly certain fictional archives on the internet, though that depends on who’s asking. This is her first commitment to a blog and she’s very excited to be writing about topics that are close to her heart.

What topics, you ask? The history of the medical profession is one, especially in relation to the development of the scientific method and evidence-based practice. Conflicts between medicine and religion also get her riled up (abortion being one example), but more broadly, conflict between proven medicine and unfounded belief is what irritates her the most – expect rants about homeopathy, palliative care, do-it-yourself cancer cures and anti-vaccine lobbies.

Sarah’s interests outside of medicine and skepticism are many, haphazard and tend towards fangirling. Some prominent examples include:

  • Small children and foreign languages. Being half-Japanese herself, Sarah teaches 6 year olds in the hope of spreading bilingualism to new heights and forming a half-Asian army.
  • She has several embarrassing celebrity crushes on older, unavailable British men, who are either married (Mark Sheppard, Ricky Gervais), homosexual (Stephen Fry, Sir Ian McKellen) or 10 feet tall (Stephen Merchant). Most of these crushes are entirely the fault of BBC programming.
  • Her bookshelf is a mess of sci-fi, dystopia, and manga. CS Lewis’s blatantly conservative Christian values ruined young adult fantasy for her, until Philip Pullman and Neil Gaiman made it all better. Other influential books include The House of God by Samuel Shem and Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451.
  • She counts The National, The Decemberists and The Dresden Dolls amongst her favourite bands, but her beard is far too thin for her to be accepted as a hipster.
  • Sarah suffers from crippling addictions to caffeine and Tumblr; when the stress of these addictions gets too much, Sarah likes to relax by singing to her pot-plants.

Sarah has considerable trouble holding all of her feels. If you too have trouble holding all of your feels about any of the topics mentioned above, feel free to drop her a line.

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