Richard Hughes

Richard Hughes introduces himself to his friends as an Arts dropout, though he also has the distinction of being a Law dropout (and a Science graduate). As well as podcasting with The Pseudoscientists, Richard has previously been President and Treasurer of the University of Melbourne Secular Society, and Education Officer of the Melbourne University Mathematics and Statistics Society.

Currently, Richard is in his first year of a PhD in Mathematics at the University of Texas at Austin, having moved to Texas to escape the heat of Melbourne. His short term future plans involve devising a method of transporting the entire University of Texas to Melbourne; his long term future plans involve dealing with the ramifications of his short term future plans.

In his spare time, Richard does all of the standard stuff that everyone writes about in a bio: he reads, listens to music, hunts and traps wild mushrooms, socializes with or without the aid of a tasty brew (mostly with), and wonders when he got so old that the first year students look so young. If there were any recommendations he would pass on to the younger generation (not that anyone pays attention or respect to their elders anymore), it would be to eat well and exercise, read Nabokov and Pynchon, listen to as many genres of music as possible (but only the good stuff), and bathe at least twice a month.

Richard is also a vegetarian, and by extension a dirty, dirty hippie.

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