Rachael Skerritt

Rachael Skerritt is a 17 year old antisocordist living in Melbourne.

An extensive reader, her curiosity was fostered from a young age through a love of reading. She first became fascinated by science at age 8, when she was given a book authored by Dr Karl Kruszelnicki, who soon became a favourite author. At age 14 she became truly enthralled by science when she attended a science camp at the University of Melbourne, where she extracted her own DNA, gassed fruit flies, modelled the greenhouse effect, and studied the oxidative effects of cigarette smoking.

Now, approaching the end of her high school years, she is unsure whether to pursue studies in medicine, medical research, or molecular biology and biochemistry, and changes her mind at least once per day.

Concurrently to high school she attends the University of Melbourne, where she studies the history and philosophy of science.

Outside of science, she adores linguistics. She enjoys studying words; their form, their nature and nuances. She loves obscure words and often wonders what necessitates words such as artolater, a noun describing a worshipper of bread, or tableity, describing the state of being a table. She has a proclivity for eavesdropping on conversations (in the name of linguistic research, of course) and is frequently frustrated by taboo. She speaks French (her favourite place in the world is southern France) and has, at various stages, learnt (and forgotten) Chinese, Indonesian, Japanese, Auslan and Finnish.

While she has moved on from her penchant for early-2000s Finnish rap, she retains a narrow but fairly eclectic musical taste; her favourite artists include Placebo, Alexisonfire, The Amity Affliction, Bring Me The Horizon, Neutral Milk Hotel and Caravan Palace. She also enjoys trock (aka time lord rock).

Like most teenagers, she drinks too much coffee, eats too much chocolate and doesn’t get enough sleep.

She tends to see the good side to everyone, but respects only those who show compassion and empathy. She is rarely angry, except in response to unnecessary discrimination of any kind. She believes the solutions to all problems lie in knowledge.

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