Luke Weston

Luke Weston argues with people who are wrong on the Internet. When he’s not doing that, he’s also a freelance writer, physicist, unprofessional science communicator, and electronics and embedded computer systems engineer (not necessarily in that order).

As well as writing for the Young Australian Skeptics, Luke has also written a few guest posts for Brave New Climate. With particular research and writing interests in experimental and applied physics, modern physics, environmental and energy technology, and public policymaking with regards to science and technology issues, Luke is passionate about science, skepticism, popular science communication and science education, science literacy in the media and society and the intersections between these issues.

Luke is passionate about improving science and engineering literacy in the public square and in the media – not just in terms of the nuts-and-bolts of science and technology knowledge, but perhaps more importantly in regard to critical thinking and the scientific method itself.

In his spare time, Luke works with the Lunar Numbat collaboration, the Google Lunar X-Prize team White Label Space and the Australian Space Research Institute, helping develop innovative, lower-cost, Australian-designed, Australian-made launch vehicles for launch capability to Earth orbit, as well as a lunar mission entry in the Google Lunar X-Prize.

Luke has a Bachelor of Science from the University of Melbourne, and is planning to go back to graduate school soon, when he escapes from the ignoble temptation of a bit of a sabbatical working on slightly-better-paid commercial engineering contracts. In any spare time that is left over from the aforementioned stuff, Luke watches YouTube videos of cats, Carl Sagan, and babies having their cochlear implants turned on for the first time. (Those are, of course, the three best things on the Internet.)

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