Jonathan Meddings

Jonathan Meddings is a fencing coach and board member of the Rationalist Society of Australia, Australia’s oldest freethought group. He has a degree in Medical Laboratory Science with Honours from James Cook University. His research interest is comparative immunology, with a proclivity for turtles.

Jonathan is a friend of Friends of Science in Medicine, an organisation campaigning against the teaching of the pseudoscience that is alternative/complementary medicine in Australian tertiary institutions.

Before making the move to Melbourne, Jonathan formerly served as head coach of the North Queensland Fencing Academy, Queensland convener of the Australian Freethought Student Alliance, and president of the James Cook University Humanists. He is also a founding member of the Townsville Humanists.

Jonathan has participated in public discussions and debates with bishop Michael Putney, bishop Bill Ray, and theologian Robert Martin. He continues to be fascinated by religious arguments and the interactions between science, religion and humanism.

In his spare time Jonathan enjoys writing, frequenting Melbourne cafes, and drinking scotch.

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