Jasmine Marosvary

Jasmine Marosvary fills the skeptic type of I-don’t-know-science-well-but-it-is-so-awesome. Most shiny things will capture her curiosity.

Jasmine graduated from Griffith University in 2010 with Bachelors in IT and Multimedia. Even though she survived to gain majors in Software Engineering and Film Production, she ran away screaming from her grad position in marketing to law school. She is now a Juris Doctor student at University of Technology, Sydney.

When not admiring her tall pile of law textbooks or organising her highlighters by shade, she volunteers for Anti-Slavery Australia, Black Dog Institute and the Barristers Animal Welfare Panel. She also legitimately enjoys public speaking and is on the committee of her local Toastmasters club.

Jasmine is a (trying her best) vegan. She does not believe she is a hippie but rather you are actually really jealous right now that you do not have her delicious food.

Jasmine’s interest in skepticism really fell into place over many years due to her involvement in community work. As an activist, the drive to question things is essential. Jasmine believes that through promotion of critical thinking and greater access to education for all, we can shape the world for the better.

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