Jack Neubecker

Jack Neubecker is a high school student living in Queensland. He grew up in a family with practicing Christian grandparents, but parents who only believed in Christianity because they knew nothing else. He naturally had a fascination with science, fostered through science magazines and textbooks, which he all browsed thoroughly. While knowing science all his life, he only discovered skepticism about 3 years ago while browsing the science section of the iTunes podcast directory, stumbling upon The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe as an early guide for his scientific skepticism.

His main interest in science is in the area of physics, especially quantum mechanics, but he is mostly a fan of science in general. Above everything else, he enjoys defending the scientific method, science as a philosophy, logic and exposing logical fallacies.

He has been writing for his own blog since late February of 2012, and discusses mostly scientific and religious topics. He treats religion no differently than any other scientific claim to truth, and he doesn’t give it privileges such as Pascal’s Wager or muck around with strong agnosticism. Some of his favourite blog topics are the intersection of science and religion, logical fallacies, quantum mechanics concepts, Deepak Chopra, science in sports and defending evolution.

Jack is an avid sports fan, and enjoys sports with a plethora of different statistics to analyse, which naturally draws him to American football. He enjoys watching re-runs of early great sitcoms such as ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ or ‘Friends’ while enjoying a good grilled cheese sandwich, 2-minute noodles or ice-cream. He is rather tall for his age – already taller than 13% of all NBA all-stars in history – and uses this to his advantage when he plays his favourite sports: American football, basketball, cricket or running.

He hopes to study science and journalism and become a science writer and popularizer, and is hoping to grab a scholarship to an American university through his massive football-kicking leg.

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