Elliot Birch

Elliot Birch is the original creator of the Young Australian Skeptics. The idea was formed in 2008 while he was studying multimedia at college. He found that many of his class mates were quick to believe things of a religious or pseudoscientific nature, and after reading Richard Dawkins’s The Ancestor’s Tale, he was spurred on to create a site and community that would help promote science to young people in Australia and worldwide.

In 2012, Elliot handed off the main organisation of the YAS to Jack Scanlan so that he could focus on his other pursuits. He still appears from time to time on The Pseudoscientists podcast and also helps out with the website and the decision making behind the scenes.

Elliot is now also involved with two other podcasts: Jump Jump Die, which focuses on video game reviews and comedy, it also has a Youtube channel, and Mysterious Universe, which focuses on fringe science and the paranormal, where he currently works full time as a production manager.

Posts by Elliot Birch: