Elizabeth Riaikkenen

Elizabeth Riaikkenen, also known affectionately as “Wizzie”, takes an interest and almost instant child- like obsession to any new interest or hobby she can find. Just as indecisively, has no idea what she wants to do in her career, as long as it leaves her easy access to sugar of some form.

She is 15 and still in high school, spreading out her subjects and time into as many facets so she can to leave her options wide open. In the space of a week she has gone from wanting to be an Australian Rules Footbal umpire, to a stage actor, to a concept artist, to an aerospace engineer, to a physicist, and to the pioneer of Unicorn Party activism. And the next week, she got just as many ideas.

She loves sports and comes up with many of her ideas on her daily jog. If she really thought about it, she could put up a case that exercise is detrimental to your mental health. All of that excessive thinking has certainly driven her insane, but it’s probable she never had any sanity in the first place.

Inspired by her induction into the skeptical community, she has realised a long- lost obsession with magic as an artform. She has also uncovered a tiny lump of brain sitting at the bottom of her cranium covered in dust and surrounded by empty bottles, sitting under a dim light and playing at a violin longingly, sounding like a screaming cat. This brain was reinvigorated by a new appreciation of academia, science, intellectualism and really long words.

Her successes in life include confusing innocent bystanders with dauntless and confident rants about profound topics that she has no idea about and being able to line up the perfumes on her shelf so they look nice. One thing she still has to achieve is actually using any of those perfumes.

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