Ben Vernel

Ben Vernel is a writer, editor and performer. Ben is a young upstart from Melbourne with a talent for attracting funny people, and created and developed and the surrounding community of writers, comedians and performers. Ben co-founded sketch comedy group Tragedy & Time, and performed with the group during their debut festival run at the 2012 Melbourne Fringe Festival. Ben also produced the successful and favourably-reviewed show. Ben has been a podcast host, producer, writer and guest and is, occasionally, a stand-up comedian.

Ben has a degree in philosophy and was a student of Hume, Camus, Sartre and Nietzsche – not personally, but, you know, via books.  Ben is an agnostic, a skeptic and a Pisces – so he’s totally creative and gets lost in his own daydreams and that is a real thing come on guys. Ben’s day job involves writing and editing and lots of teleconferences for a major digital media company.

Posts by Ben Vernel: