The Young Australian Skeptics is an organisation and group blog run by a diverse team of young science communicators, professionals and students, focused on the crossroads of science with critical thinking, religion, education, politics, medicine, law, wider society and more — in essence, scientific skepticism and its cultural impact.

We aim to challenge conventional thinking about the place for young people in serious and substantive online conversation and provide a place where young voices can be heard and their perspectives discussed. All in an Australian context too, of course.

The Young Australian Skeptics was founded by Elliot Birch in 2008 as an experimental community-​​style blog, and was relaunched as its current incarnation in 2012 by Jack Scanlan. It currently has a 15-​​member writing team, 4 of whom also serve as editors and site administrators. Select guest authors also contribute articles.

It has spawned The Pseudoscientists, its popular weekly podcast featuring some of the blog’s Melbourne-​​based writers, and The Skeptical Blog Anthology, a print collection of reader-​​nominated online articles and essays edited by Kylie Sturgess, featuring many prominent skeptical figures, such as astronomer and former JREF President Phil Plait, The Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe’s Evan Bernstein and Skeptic Magazine’s Daniel Loxton.

To contact the Young Australian Skeptics, please visit our Contact page.