Science, Coffee and Young People: The Birth of the Unfiltered Thoughts Podcast

Science, Coffee and Young People: The Birth of the Unfiltered Thoughts Podcast

We at the Young Australian Skeptics have a new podcast! Okay, so it’s not entirely new — episodes of Unfiltered Thoughts had been a part of The Pseudoscientists since last October — but now it has its own feed! You can subscribe to it separately! Miraculous!

For those of you who don’t know what the show is about: Unfiltered Thoughts exists to try to level the age playing field when it comes to ideas and opinions about complex and interesting topics in science, skepticism and critical thinking. Young people aren’t often included in discussions about science, and the more young voices that are out there, the better. Probably.

The premise of Unfiltered Thoughts is simple: every fortnight, I sit down with a young person in a Melbourne café and we chat about a topic that’s close to their heart, all over coffee. Or, in my case, usually hot chocolate, because I don’t drink coffee. For some reason, I thought making a podcast that is partially about coffee while simultaneously hating coffee would be hilarious. I guess we’ll see if people agree.

I recorded a special introductory episode of the show, during which you can hear me explain the concept with my actual, physical voice:

Introduction to Unfiltered Thoughts

Episodes released so far have been about issues ranging from the complex (nuclear power, public health and analytical chemistry) to the fun (comedy, wine and radio) to the important (science education, climate change and how to disagree with people). Upcoming episodes will touch on sexual coercion, religion in fiction,  circumcision — and more!

From now on, new episodes will only be released on the new feed, not on The Pseudoscientists’s, so make sure you subscribe! iTunes users can do so here, while non-​​iTunes users can plug the RSS feed into their podcasting software of choice!