Question of the Week: Does Skepticism Have an Image Problem?

Question of the Week: Does Skepticism Have an Image Problem?

Every week we ask a question of our audience to stimulate discussion and critical thinking about an issue or topic relating to science, skepticism, technology or religion. Our favourite comments are discussed on our podcast, The Pseudoscientists.

The skeptical community is fighting an uphill battle in spreading the word about science and critical thinking, but why? Could the general public really be that resistant to learning about these topics, or could the issue lie more with the way the skeptical movement is perceived? The word “skeptic” is now at least partially associated with climate change deniers and may have other negative connotations, potentially linked to the actions of “celebrity” skeptics. (Whether or not those negative connotations are deserved is another matter entirely…)

Does skepticism have an image problem?

Can this issue be solved? If so, how? Or is it not such a big deal, being overblown by a loud minority in the public sphere who already dislike the skeptical community? Let us know what you think!

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