Question of the Week: Favourite Podcast Moments (Episodes 1-100)

Question of the Week: Favourite Podcast Moments (Episodes 1 – 100)

Every week we ask a question of our readers, to stimulate discussion and critical thinking about an issue or topic relating to science, skepticism, technology or religion. Our favourite comments are discussed on our weekly podcast, The Pseudoscientists.

Last week, our podcast, The Pseudoscientists, celebrated its 100th episode with a live show, featuring Australian skeptical comedian Lawrence Leung! And to pat ourselves on the back even more, we’d like to get our audience in on the celebrations… hopefully not in too much of a self-​​congratulatory way.

What was your favourite moment from the last 100 episodes?

Funniest moment? Best guest? Favourite news item? Most hilarious blooper? Let us know in the comments!