Question of the Week: Science Under a New Parliament

Question of the Week: Science Under a New Parliament

Every week we ask a question of our readers, to stimulate discussion and critical thinking about an issue or topic relating to science, skepticism, technology or religion. Our favourite points are discussed on our weekly podcast, The Pseudoscientists.

Australian politics — love it or hate it — is going through a rough period at the moment. The old Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, was booted out of the position by her own party and replaced by Kevin Rudd, who Gillard replaced in similar circumstances back in 2010. Full circle, I suppose. Meanwhile in the shadows, the Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott, lurks, ready to pounce. An election may be a couple of months away. Things are getting crazy.

But what does this mean for science in this country? Obviously things are going to change — right? So, given a best-​​case scenario (whatever that may be), what would happen to science funding and science-​​related policies?

Post-​​election, what science-​​related policies and changes would you like to see from the new parliament?

More public funding overall? What sorts of fields of science need more funding? How about science education — could that be helped in some way? Let us know in the comments!

[Creative Commons licensed Flickr photo by mystifyme07 and civmilcoe]