Procrastination, Skepticism and Giggles

Procrastination, Skepticism and Giggles

With exams over and to sate the human need for procrastination, what is there to do but watch YouTube? And what better pleasure is there than to watch all of the British television you can?

I justify this time wastage with Mitchell and Webb: two comedians who sometimes do sketches involving skepticism and/​or science. This is a classic of theirs, on alternative medicine:

Another great one, on the Moon Landing hoax:

They make me giggle, and if you want to waste time and procrastinate, I suggest their film Magicians. Or you can just watch all of the seasons of That Mitchell and Webb Look. But why not go with the Australian skeptical comedian, Tim Minchin instead?

If you want to waste some more time, why not what the time lapse version? Or slow it down in Audacity yourself? You can improve your software skills and procrastinate at the same time — it’s a miracle.