Just What Is This Thing Called Science?

Just What Is This Thing Called Science?

As Luke F. demonstrated earlier in the week, YouTube is a great medium for communicating science to a wide audience. An engaging video can go a long way (both educationally and geographically, with regards to some viral videos) in teaching people about certain aspects of science, especially raw knowledge. But what about explaining what science actually is? How does science work?

TechNyou, in collaboration with Bridge8, has produced two excellent series of videos, the latest of which — This Thing Called Science - explicitly addresses this issue, dealing with scientific skepticism, testing, scientific ethics, and more. They’re pretty great. And I should just leave you to watch them.

Call Me Skeptical

Testing, Testing 1 – 2-​​3

Blinded By Science

Confidently Uncertain

Do The Right Thing

Citizen Science

Wouldn’t it be great if these were shown in every classroom in Australia?

Make sure you also check out TechNyou’s other series of videos with Bridge8, about critical thinking — which starts with this video.