The Young Australian Skeptics - Now on Wikipedia!

The Young Australian Skeptics — Now on Wikipedia!

As recently highlighted by Luke Freeman, Wikipedia is currently undergoing a skeptical makeover through the actions of the Guerrilla Skepticism on Wikipedia project — new pages are being created for groups, topics and important causes that lack them, and old pages are being injected with new and better writing, internal structure, references and general readability. While there’s still a long way to go, progress has been steady and significant, and a lot of the changes are likely beginning to have an effect on the information many people find when searching the Internet for skeptical and pseudoscientific topics.

On that note, I’m pleased to announce that the Young Australian Skeptics now has its very own Wikipedia page, as a direct result of the project! While it’s never good to assume that you’re notable enough to deserve such a page, it is wonderful to be recognised in this manner, and we hope it sends a few curious young people (and older people) our way!

Wiki YAS screencap

The page has information about our founding, media appearances, podcast and publications, so if you need a refresher on who we are…