The Pseudoscientists Episode 79 - The wonderful world of RNA, tadpole eye-tails, scary chemicals and the end of the world

The Pseudoscientists Episode 79 — The wonderful world of RNA, tadpole eye-​​tails, scary chemicals and the end of the world

The Pseudoscientists — Episode 79

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Tom and Jack go duo to talk about the many uses of RNA inside the cell, as well as tadpoles seeing through their tails. Jargonauts looks into the proper definitions of “strong acid” and “weak acid”, and we find out what apocalyptic scenario you’re most afraid of! Next week’s question: “Do you think there should be restrictions on scientific research?”

Plus, chemical management horror stories, scientifically-​​accurate Spider-​​man, and a visit from Satan himself…


Question of the Week

Do you think there should be restrictions on scientific research? If so, what areas? Let us know here!

Houston, We Have A Problem

For a good discussion of the science (or perhaps lack of science) behind this clip. check out this post by Bug Girl over at Skepchick.

If you have a suggestion for a Houston clip, let us know in the comments!


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