The Pseudoscientists Episode 77 - Disposable penises, fluoridation, cyborg rats, and humanity vs. biodiversity, with Claire Shepard

The Pseudoscientists Episode 77 — Disposable penises, fluoridation, cyborg rats, and humanity vs. biodiversity, with Claire Shepard

The Pseudoscientists — Episode 77

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Jack and Tom are joined by special guest Claire Shepard to Valentine’s it up with disposable sea slug penises, anti-​​fluoridation attitudes in Cairns, and cyborg rats. Claire gives us a dentistry-​​themed Jargonauts with “plaque”, and we make another impossible choice between wiping out all humans (except yourself) or every other species on the planet (apart from ones we need to survive), with the help of you, our listeners! Next week’s question: “How quickly would you adopt a brain-​​computer interface (essentially becoming a cyborg), if at all?”

Plus, more Valentine’s stuff and heaps of dentistry talk!


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