The Pseudoscientists Episode 76 - Global civilisation collapse, stereo-smelling moles, sex over stories, and space vs. the ocean

The Pseudoscientists Episode 76 — Global civilisation collapse, stereo-​​smelling moles, sex over stories, and space vs. the ocean

The Pseudoscientists — Episode 76

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Jack, Rachael and Tom step into the offices of the Foundation for Young Australians and talk about the stereo-​​noses of moles, how genes can travel faster than stories (or how sex is better than talking), and how screwed we’re all going to be in the event of a global collapse of civilisation. Jargonauts gets off balance with “homeostasis”, and we make the choice between exploring space or the ocean, with your help. Next week’s question: “Would you rather wipe out every other human on Earth (besides yourself), or wipe out the near-​​total majority of the biodiversity of the planet?”

Plus, The Matrix, Richard III under a carpark, and bird-​​talk.


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