International Young Skeptics Hangout - This Weekend!

International Young Skeptics Hangout — This Weekend!

Thanks to the inadvertent rallying power of Stephanie Zvan at Almost Diamonds — who very kindly wrote about our relaunch the other day — the Young Australian Skeptics is thrilled to announce that we’ll be collaborating with two other youth-​​focused, skeptical blogging groups - The Heresy Club and Skeptic Freethought - on a live joint hangout to discuss any and all issues related to young people, skepticism, science, secularism and religion!

The chat will be hosted as a Google+ Hangout on the Skeptic Freethought YouTube channel on Monday the 7th of January, at 8am Melbourne time (GMT +11). But don’t worry about missing it, because the discussion will be saved to be watched at your leisure as both a video on the aforementioned YouTube channel, and as an episode of The Pseudoscientists podcast, in audio form!

The six members of this discussion will be:

Looks like it will be an interesting discussion, along the lines of the recent “Four Squires: A new generation of freethinkers” panel held in Melbourne a couple of months ago, but with more of a skeptical focus!

To stay tuned on details about the event, keep and eye on this post, Alex’s post or Ellen’s post, or follow everyone involved on Twitter: @youngausskeptic, @SkepticThought and @HeresyClub.