The Pseudo Scientists’s 50th Episode Caption Contest!

The Pseudo Scientists’s 50th episode just dropped, so as celebration, we’re holding a contest for all our lovely listeners! As stated in the episode, you could win some hilarious pseudoscience-​​filled books (and copies of the YAS’s Skeptical Blog Anthology) simply by adding some similarly hilarious captions to these slightly awkward photos of the podcast’s cast, Belinda, James, Jack and Richard.

Some info before you get captioning:

  • You can post captions at the bottom of this post, via email (youngausskeptics(at)gmail(dot)com) or on copies of these photos on the podcast’s Facebook page.
  • Please give us enough information about yourself so that we can contact you again if it turns out you’re victorious — eg. if you post a comment, use a legitimate email address (that you actually check regularly).
  • There will be one prize pack awarded to the funniest caption on each photo, as chosen by the cast member in the photo. Bribes will not be tolerated… theoretically.
  • Feel free to submit as many captions as you like to as many of the photos as you like, but you can only win for one photo.

Belinda chats to Eugenie Scott at the Global Atheist Convention 2012 volunteer and speaker wrap-​​party

James helps out Richard Dawkins at his book signing at the Global Atheist Convention 2012

Jack speaks on stage at the recent Young Minds 2012 conference in Sydney, on the topic of “geek pride”

Richard does… something to his iPhone at the Skeptical Blog Anthology book launch at Embiggen Books