Diary of a GAC attendee Ch 3

Jumpstart espresso and on the day.  Melbourne’s a clear headed morning. I should probably mention that I’m allergic and liable to thrashing bouts of sneezing, sniffling, and general nasal troubles. Thank the fluffy gods they haven’t taken me today.

My friend beside me didn’t get enough sleep and is kvetching muchly. And last night was the early night.

Peter Singer discussed the chart of human progress, enforcing the position that reason, the advancement of it through forms of revolutionary media like the printing press and later the internet, improve the standard of human life. We are apparently the least likely to die a violent death, as compared with generations of previous epochs. Yay for non violent death.

Thanks to the questioner who pointed out to PETER SINGER that correlation doesn’t prove causation. This was in regards to points that states across the bible belt, with more archaic traditions of crime and punishment, have higher murder and violent crime rates. Thank you questioner for taking up the finite Q and A time with that. Thanks.

Lesley Cannold educated us with a comparative history of the united states against Australia, and how we fare with the separation of church and state. Not as great. A noteworthy point I must repeat, secularism is not just the cause of atheists, but plenty of religious folk as well, and is to the collective advantage.

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Donate to Ron Williams www​.highcourtchallenge​.com

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And finally, former evangelical preacher Dan Barker brought his unique point of view to questions of meaning in life (rather than meaning of) and argues that the servility of religious faith negates such meaning.

But now my iPhone battery is dying and my friend who went home to shower because the hostel isnt good enough, left the frakking charger at his house. Emergency charger shopping.

Politics panel now. Applause.