The Pseudo Scientists Episode 41 - Super-Earth, vat-grown meat, anti-climate change documents and Rhys Morgan

The Pseudo Scientists Episode 41 — Super-​​Earth, vat-​​grown meat, anti-​​climate change documents and Rhys Morgan

The Pseudo Scientists — Episode 41

Jack, Belinda, Elliot and Richard discuss a watery “Super-​​Earth”, the implications of vat-​​grown meat, and leaked documents from an anti-​​climate change institute. Plus, Jack interviews Rhys Morgan, a 17 year-​​old skeptic from Wales who has made a name for himself fighting alternative medicine and quackery.

You can follow Rhys Morgan on Twitter at @rhysmorgan and on his blog.

This week’s “Houston, We Have A Problem” clip is self-​​proclaimed psychic John Edward talking about his abilities.

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