Some notes on the Japanese earthquake

The aftermath of the March 11 Sendai earthquake and tsunami is absolutely terrible. Many, many thousands of people are dead, and perhaps on the order of a million people have had their homes, communities and workplaces devastated. There is utter devastation across huge areas, across affected parts of Japan.

But the only single bit of it that seems to be dominating the media attention is the present status of the Fukushima-​​I nuclear power station — but amongst all this catastrophic devastation across Japan, nobody has been injured or killed by radioactivity or ionising radiation from the nuclear power plant.

Anyway… over the last couple of days I prepared a couple of blog posts to try and provide some information and analysis on this situation, which can be found here and here. I hope you find them interesting, or informative.

(Note that the first post is an older one, and some of the information it contains is outdated now, I know. We’re all working with limited and imperfect information here, trying to collate and filter all this information into a picture of the situation which is consistent and accurate and sensible, in a situation which is developing and changing rapidly.)