Blog Anthology Final Selections!

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Finally! Many, many thanks to everyone who submitted and here are our final selections for the Young Australian Skeptics Blog Anthology!

Being selected, of course, doesn’t automatically mean they’ll be included — we’re writing now to politely ask all of our finalists if they will consider submitting to the anthology. We’re really very grateful for any inclusion and will run with what we get. Naturally, a helping-​​hand for those selected if they’re stuck with the formatting we’re proposing.

Additional big thanks to the following people: “Dr Adequate”, Dr Karen Stollznow and Dr Mark Henn for helping select these posts. We couldn’t have done it without them.

Additional HUGE thanks to the advice, guidance, support and fine example of a blogging anthology that greatly inspired this venture — Bora Zivkovic of Blog Around the Clock at Science Blogs (the latest Open Laboratory is now for sale at LuLu​.com!)

Deadline for final entries will be March 20th, 2010, so we have enough time to collate everything and edit. Thanks again to everyone who suggested entries, submitted their own sites and we hope you’ll get this book!

Action Skeptics — A Deeper Level of Criticism
The Digital Cuttlefish — Nathaniel Jeanson, Stealth Ph. D.
Skeptical OB — How do vaccines work?
Greta Christina’s Blog — Conspiracies and Unshakeable Faith: What Would Make You Change Your Mind — Part 2
ICBS EverywhereEven More B.S. for Antivaxxers: Homeopathic Alternatives
I Doubt ItBridging the Chasm: Follow Up For Skeptics
My Chemical Journey — When Pigs Fly
The NESSAlternative Engineering
Neurologica Blog — Common CAM Media Myths
Pharyngula — The Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence for Evolution
The Quackometer — Top Ten Tips For Creating Your Own New Alternative Medicine
Rationally SpeakingAn Evening With Paranormalists
The SkepbitchSkepticism — Going Out of Business?
Young Australian Skeptics — Stupid Quote
Young Australian SkepticsMy Canon is Bigger Than Yours
New York City Skeptics - Recovered memories: evidence?
Bruce M. Hood — Would You Accept the Heart of a Killer?
Skeptic North — Quick Questions with Daniel Loxton
New York City Skeptics — Why Skeptics Don’t Have To Be Atheists
Pandagon — Clever Hans The Crime-​​Fighting Horse Is Getting Nervous
The Merseyside Skeptics Society — Compulsory Ignorance: More Anti-​​​​Vax Propaganda From The AVN
Rational Moms — I’m not a skeptical celebrity, how can I be involved?
Bad Science — Pay to play?
Bad Science - “We are more possible than you can powerfully imagine”
Science Based Parenting — Sharing Skepticism With Children – Is It OK?
Rational Moms - A Rational Halloween
Quiche Moraine - The “Rule” of Threes
Bad Astronomy - Texas wrapup: Yup. Doomed.
Rainbow of Chaos — The Dangers Of Not Vaccinating Your Child
Neurologica Blog — Anomaly Hunting
Skeptic Blog — Daniel Loxton — What, If Anything, Can Skeptics Say About Science?
Dr Petra Boynton - Increase in breast enlargement surgery for teenage girls – let’s just blame celebrities and not address the root cause of the problem
ICBS Everywhere — Warning, Bad Research Ahead
PodBlack Cat — The Deist Skeptic – Not A Contradiction
Skeptic Zoners — Snuffing out ear candles
The Amateur Scientist — Three Tiers of Religious Belief
The Skeptic’s Dictionary — Doing God’s Work
Dr Chris French (Guardian) — The waking nightmare of sleep paralysis
Skeptic Blogs — Yau Man Chan — Newsweek vs Oprah & Enabler Chopra
Homologous Legs Blog — What is Philosophical Naturalism, and why do I accept it?
Respectful Insolence — The anti-​​vaccine movement: Is it too late for scientists to bridge the gap between evidence and fear?
Skeptic North - You Won’t Like Skeptics When They’re Angry
Happy Jihad’s House of Pancakes — Shakespeare was Sicilian and Sort of Jewish!
White Coat Underground — “What’s your problem with alternative medicine?“
Science Based Medicine — Are the benefits of breastfeeding oversold?
Science Based Medicine - The One True Cause of All Disease
Pharyngula — Crank science is as crank science does
Sceptic’s Book- Homeopathy website ordered to publish retraction for dubious claims
The Rogues’ Gallery — Remembering the Holocaust and its Deniers
Bruce M. Hood - Cheesus, It’s Just a Type 1 Error

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