Atheist Convention causes Gary Ablett’s head to implode

Writing in the Herald Sun, former Geelong football star Gary Ablett Sr. — the guy who provided Heroin and other drugs to a 19-​​year old girl — is concerned about “a very serious decline in morals and values in our community.” Did I also mention the girl subsequently died in his hotel room of an overdose? I digress.

So why is he speaking out?

One of the things that triggered my response was that I became aware that there was an atheist convention in Melbourne last week.

Of course!

He writes:

We read stories that describe a rapid deterioration in standards of behaviour wherever we look. Our culture struggles under the massive weight of increasing problems associated with hatred, anger, violence, alcohol and drug abuse, depression and suicide, family breakdown, the devaluing of human life and dignity, and a growing disrespect for law and order, to name just a few.

What is the cause of this moral decline? Amongst other things, Humanism:

Humanism, the central philosophy of our schools and society, teaches that man is above all else, that he alone is the centre of meaning. Teaching that man has meaning totally apart from God, (humanism) leave morality, justice and behaviour to the discretion of “enlightened” man and encourages people to worship man and nature rather than God. Living without God’s divine truth causes humanity to sink lower and lower into spiritual darkness and depravity, blindly following a philosophy that intends to heighten the dignity of man, but which instead lowers him to the level of animals rather than a spiritual, emotional and moral being. Man has been classified as merely natural phenomena of time plus chances, no greater than rocks, animals or clouds.

Oh, and because we are teaching our children the “lie” of evolution:

Man might look like an ape, act like a goat, eat like a pig, think like a jackass, be as stubborn as a mule and as cunning as a fox, but a man is still a man and has been that way right down through recorded history. I openly confess to being no scientist, nor will I try to pretend to be one.

I’m glad! Oh no.. wait..

… even Charles Darwin had to admit he had absolutely no hardcore empirical date, no concrete evidence, no substantial scientific facts, nothing to prove any of the major evolutionary transformation he asserted. The fact is that fossil records do not support Darwin’s theory. Experts have come to realise that the gaps in the fossil records and the absence of precursor and intermediate forms are such that they can no longer be ignored or his theory be taken seriously. It was Darwin, the author of the theory of evolution himself, that confessed in a letter to Ossy Gray on September 5, 1857 that “one’s imagination must fill up the very blanks”.

With testimonies like this from the author of evolution himself, I submit to you that the theory of evolution is not only lacking in facts, but has absolutely no foundation whatsoever. If it was only ever a theory, how did it find its way into our classrooms and society as fact?

It gets better, Ablett also talks about how abiogenesis is the theory that life can grow in peanut butter jars, that DNA has shown evolution to be false, all with large passages of the Bible chucked in at random. I dare you to read the entire thing.

It is possibly the most stupid thing I have ever read, and the funniest.

Please join me in writing to the Herald Sun to thank them.

Jason Ball is the President of the Freethought University Alliance and the University of Melbourne Secular Society. He also serves on the committee of the Rationalist Society of Australia.

Update: Gary Ablett (or his ghost writer) has also plagiarized a massive amount of his article from Grace Haven Ministries. Check out Buggery​.org for details. Thanks Martin Pribble for filling us in on this one.