AVN to shut down — Meryl Dorey resigns as president of the AVN

After almost 17 years of running the AVN, it is my bittersweet duty to inform you that within the next 3 – 4 weeks I will tendering my resignation as President of this great organisation and moving on to the next stage of my own personal development as mother, wife, activist and researcher.

 — Meryl Dorey

The AVN is shutting down. Or could be. Meryl has called for emergency funds, audaciously asking for 1% of members incomes to help keep the AVN running. This is an epic win for great justice. This is by no means the end of the anti-​​vaccination movement in Australia as someone could take on the position Meryl currently holds in the AVN, not to mention the various other organisations that have similar anti-​​vaccination goals.

While probably not the end of our woes, this is fantastic news for people who support science and reason in medicine.

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