Some of the latest anti-​​vaccine stupidity

Here’s some of the latest from anti-​​vaccine conspiracy morons.

Potassium chloride (30), calcium chloride (31), and sodium chloride (32) are also listed as ingredients for CSL. All three are considered mutagenic for mammalian somatic cells.

Uh huh. The vaccine has got “mutagenic” sodium chloride in it.

Grow a brain, you idiots.

Of course, the potassium, calcium and chloride ions present (along with the sodium) are all common ions which are normally abundant in the body, and they’re in no way harmful unless they’re present in unnaturally enormous concentrations. I presume the only reason that these salts are present in the vaccine is to keep the osmolarity of the vaccine similar to that of normal biological fluids, so as to best preserve the integrity of the viral fragments — but I’m not an immunologist, so if you are, feel free to tell us about it.

So, while we’re at it, what other scary ingredients do these vaccines contain?

The Consumer Medicine Information sheet for CSL’s Panvax ‘flu vaccine for the pandemic H1N1 substrain is here. It lists the ingredients of the vaccine — all the ingredients — as purified, inactivated influenza virus fragments, sodium chloride, calcium chloride, potassium chloride, monosodium phosphate, disodium phosphate, monopotassium phosphate, trace amounts of polymixin, neomycin, sucrose, egg protein, thiomersal and sodium deoxycholate. It’s mostly just high purity water, of course, in which the other ingredients are dissolved or suspended.

So, let’s look at each of these. The inactivated viral fragments are of course the key to the whole functionality of the vaccine; they’re what makes a vaccine a vaccine.

The sodium, potassium and calcium chloride salts we’ve already discussed; they’re common natural electrolytes in the body. Potassium phosphate and the two different sodium phosphates are also harmless, common ionic salts. They act as pH buffers, buffering the pH of the vaccine solution, and they also act as surfactants to keep the insoluble viral fragments dispersed in the aqueous solution.

Sodium taurodeoxycholate is the sodium salt of taurodeoxycholic acid, which is a naturally occuring bile acid in the body. Bile acids such as taurodeoxycholic acid are naturally present within the body as their sodium salts, so sodium deoxycholate is a perfectly natural substance within the body. Bile acids such as taurodeoxycholic acid are mild surfactants, or detergents, and their normal role within the body is to emulsify fats and oils within the intestine so that they can be best absorbed. Within the vaccine preparation the compound’s role is similar, acting as an emulsifier for the insoluble components of the vaccine.

Sucrose is ordinary table sugar; of course, it is harmless. Since the viruses used to make influenza vaccines are cultured in eggs, the vaccine may contain minute traces of egg protein, as it says. That’s why the documentation for the vaccine clearly says that a pre-​​existing allergy to eggs and/​or chicken protein is a contraindication to your being given the vaccine — just as is an allergy to polymixin, neomycin or thiomersal.

Polymixin B and neomycin are both antibiotics added to the vaccine in minute concentrations in order to prevent the growth of any bacteria which might somehow contaminate the vaccine. The preservative thiomersal, which is only present in multiple dose vials of the vaccine, also serves in this role. The Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI) considers that influenza vaccines containing thiomersal are safe in infants, children, adolescents and adults, including pregnant women. This is based on consistent safety data from several laboratory and clinical studies and the conclusions of independent systematic reviews that have examined data on the use of thiomersal-​​containing vaccines in all these groups. ATAGI also notes that use of thiomersal-​​containing vaccines is endorsed by the World Health Organization and by several countries comparable to Australia.

That’s all there is, in reality. No formalin, no “antifreeze”, no aborted embryos, no aluminium salts, CIA-​​developed nanotechnology microchips, or any such thing.