Skeptical Blog Anthology — We’re Over Fifty Entries Already!

Inspired by the annual The Open Laboratory, the Skeptical Blog Anthology is a printed anthology of blog posts voted the very best of 2009, managed by the Young Australian Skeptics in conjunction with the Critical Teaching Education Group (CTEG). The anthology is an attempt to bring a greater awareness of the skeptical content on blog sites and showcase some of the range and diversity in the blogosphere.

Wonderful news! We are well on our way to getting a good range for about fifty entries in the anthology — and there are still more on the way! Remember, entries CAN be from your own blog and you can most certainly go through posts of favourite blogs between the dates of the 1st January right on up to the 1st of December, 2009. Head to the Skeptical Blog Anthology entry page to take part. A list of submissions can be found below.

Adventures in Ethics and Science — Friday Sprog Blogging: Great Moments in Skepticism
Amateur Scientist — Doing The Paracast: Turnabout Is Fair Play
The Bronze Blog — Woo Enthymemes #4: The Myth of Passive Observation
Digital Cuttlefish — On Free Will
Digital Cuttlefish — Nathaniel Jeanson, Stealth Ph. D.
Digital Cuttlefish - For Francis Collins: “When God Intervenes“
Effort Sisyphus — DECT Scares
Effort Sisyphus — Skeptic’s Dilemma
Effort Sisyphus — Rights of Passage
Greta Christina’s Blog - Conspiracies and Unshakeable Faith: What Would Convince You That You Were Wrong? Part 2
Happy Jihad’s House of Pancakes — Cell Phone! O Cell Phone! (A Tale)
Happy Jihad’s House of Pancakes — Wherein Bing Shatters the Laws of Probability
Homologous Legs — “The Dispute Over Darwin: Academic Freedom and the ID Movement”
On Being A Domestic and Laboratory Goddess — Sex Sells: But Will It Work for Vaccination?
Life, The Universe and One Brow - The Foundations of Non-​​Skeptical Thinking,
The Mad Skeptic — Get Your Woo-​​woo Out of My Bedroom!
The Meming of Life — Mama don’t take my heike crabs awaaaay
The Merseyside Skeptics Society — Compulsory Ignorance: More Anti-​​Vax Propaganda From The AVN
The Merseyside Skeptics Society — Psychic’ Joe Power and the Two-​​Man-​​Mob
My Chemical Journey —  When Pigs Fly
The NESS — Alternative Engineering
Neurologica Blog — Common CAM Media Myths
Neurologica Blog — Ten Major Flaws of Evolution
Oot and Aboot with Some Canadian Skeptic — Astrology Fail
Pharyngula — The Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence for Evolution
The Quackometer — Top Ten Tips For Creating Your Own New Alternative Medicine
Respectful Insolence — The Gonzalez protocol: Worse than useless for pancreatic cancer
Rationally Speaking — An Evening With Paranormalists
The Rogues’ Gallery — Gorillas In The Midst
The Rogues’ Gallery — Remembering the Holocaust and its Deniers
Science-​​​​Based Parenting — Rudolf Steiner, Anthroposophy, and Waldorf Woo
Science-​​Based Parenting — Dateline’s Dose of Controversy is an Opportunity Missed
Skepfeeds — You’re Wrong
The Skeptical Teacher — Evolution in U.S. Public Schools: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back
The Skepbitch — Paranormal Punk’d
The Skepbitch - No Sex Please, We’re Ghost Hunters!
The Skepbitch — Skepticism — Going Out of Business?
Skeptic Blogs — Facts are not Anti-​​Religious
Skeptico — Psychic Joe Power Wrong
Stuff and Nonsense — Chiropractic “For Sceptics Only“
Suburban Panic — Evidence: Creationists are doing it wrong
Tech Republic — Ten Habits of Superstitious Users
Tycho’s Elk — How To Read The Stars
The Mr Science Show — Correlation of the Week: Shark attacks and the Global Financial Crisis
The Mr Science Show — Correlation of the Week: Intelligence and Music Preference
The Mr Science Show - Correlation of the Week: Zombies, Vampires, Democrats and Republicans
The Mr Science Show - Correlation of the Week: Ashes success and El Nino
The Mr Science Show - Correlation of the Week: Eclipses and the economy
The Mr Science Show - Ep 110: Coral, the Stone Henge of the Pacific, and more of the sights, sounds and science of Tonga
Weird Things — Dembski Still Trying To Play Scientist
Young Australian Skeptics — The Horror
Young Australian Skeptics — Stupid Quote
Young Australian Skeptics — A Different Kind of Fairy
Young Australian Skeptics — Why Gabrielle Carey Is Wrong
Young Australian Skeptics — My Canon is Bigger Than Yours