Derek Rodgers expelled from the theme park of ignorance

Meet Derek Rodgers, good friend of YAS and guest panelist on episodes eleven & twelve of our official podcast, The Pseudo Scientists. Rodgers today martyred himself into skeptic knighthood after getting kicked out of Ken Ham’s Creation “Museum” as part of the SSA excursion with PZ Myers.

Derek Rodgers


From what I can gather, it seems he was singled out and harassed by security guards twice during the visit. Firstly, he was asked to turn his T-​​shirt inside out, due to its ‘offensive’ message that read There’s Probably No God. Now Stop Worrying and Enjoy Your Life (misquoted here by ABC). The calm-​​headed Rodgers reluctantly obliged, went to the bathroom and turned his T-​​shirt inside out. But this scoop certainly does not end here.

On his way out, a family from Virginia overheard Rodgers utter to a fellow skeptic that he wasn’t going to purchase anything from the gift shop, as he ‘didn’t want to give them anymore money’, seeing that he already felt bad having purchased food from the “Museum”. Apparently this ruined the families vacation, and Derek was then cornered by creationist loon Mark Looy, told off, and asked to leave (he was of course, already leaving). As PZ Myers explained, “I think Derek was simply their chosen sacrificial lamb, used as an excuse to vent their failed expectations for a ferocious confrontation.”

For your enjoyment, we’re totally getting an exclusive run down of the day from Derek Rodgers himself, which will be available in the next episode of The Pseudo Scientists! Haven’t subscribed on iTunes yet? Do it.

Here is a sneak peek captured on a mobile phone by healthyaddict following Derek’s expulsion:

Now, as many of you know, I am not a Twitter person, but apparently something like #CreoZerg will provide you with an array of comments and photos from atheists who attended the PZ field trip. For instance:
Ride it PZ!