Sometimes I’m truly amazed at the lengths people will go to to be anti-​​corporatist.

I’m new to skepticism and although this isn’t really skeptical, it was my first logical fallacy that I have recognised outside of literature.

I was having a discussion with a girl at uni when another friend sat down next to us and we could hear his music playing, so the topic was turned to iPods.

She said she didn’t like iPods because people with them play their music too loud. I agree that may be the case and maybe they don’t realise how loud it is to others, but that’s neither here nor there.

I then pointed out that her problem wasn’t with iPod, but rather with the people using them.

She then changed her goalpost (Yay, first logical fallacy! :) ) and said she didn’t like iPods because the earphones are loud for others and didn’t cater for just the user.
So I stated that her problem was with the iPod earphones and not the iPod itself. Her argument was increasingly flawed as the friend wasn’t even using iPod brand earphones.

So once again she changed the goal. This time she didn’t like iPod because you have to recharge the battery. She has an i-​​river that takes a AA or AAA battery, not sure which, and her argument was that with an iPod if you run out of battery you have to wait until you can recharge it where as she can just swap out the battery in her mp3 player for a full one.
After my next point she agreed that her problem now wasn’t with iPod but rather with rechargeable batteries and further more with non-​​removable batteries. i.e. phone batteries can be swapped for a spare unlike an iPod (short of voiding the warranty).

I think I’ve run out of battery once, but I no longer have that problem, I have an alarm clock/​iPod dock that charges my iPod while I sleep and my car stereo also charges it.

I’m not specifically for the promotion of iPods, but I’m sure as hell not that against them.

Well, that was my first real experience with logical fallacy and I feel quite good about it now. I hope you enjoyed hearing about my experience, now it’s time for some Mr.Bean and then off to bed.

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