Welcome to The Young Australian Skeptics!

Welcome everyone! We are finally here. The Young Australian Skeptics is now LIVE and we can all finally have a good sleep. But just because the website is up and running doesn’t mean we have time to rest. We have a lot of work to do building our community and promoting the scientific method to the masses.

The Young Australian Skeptics would like to take the time to thank Kylie Sturgess, Karen Stollznow and Jack Scanlan for writing content for the Young Australian Skeptics. Without them there would be a blank page. We should also take time to thank the Australian Skeptics (Victorian branch) for paying for our first year of website hosting!

Also, this website wouldn’t have been possible with out the help of web developer and guru, Joel Birch. He helped us with everything from design, web development guidance and files sizes! We also used his cool drop down menu plug-​​in called Superfish Dropdown Menu, thanks Joel, you are awesome!

So welcome, jump in, get involved and most of all, have fun!

Also, stay tuned for the Young Australian Skeptics Podcast coming soon…