Your Family is What?

I see bumper stickers.

Apparently, some of us see dead people, furthermore the blood of dead people. Then they buy a bumper sticker about it. I’ll explain. While lined up at one of Auckland’s many McDonald’s drive-​​thrus (I’ll just confirm now, I wasn’t getting any food from there, it doesn’t sit well with vegetarians. I’ll also confirm that I’m an Australian living in Auckland) my girlfriend spotted a bumper sticker. The contents of which deserves a new paragraph.


Now unless this is some really strange form of satire (it isn’t) and this family were a hilarious parody of creationists (they weren’t); they’re a sign that fundamentalism and blind ignorance is right in my backyard. This came as more of a surprise to me than I had bargained for. I knew that Auckland had a rather strong Christian community, however I was not aware that some of them were mental. Proper mental.

It is not the outward expression of faith that I am offended by – I am outward about my godless rationalism – it’s the fact that any child born into this family obviously gets little to no choice in their faith (or lack of).

The indoctrination of children is an epidemic that Richard Dawkins has openly criticised and derided; stupidly enough I had managed to trick myself into believing that it was something that through some unnatural act had limited itself to the US and Great Britain. I see now the error of my ways.

The problem I feel I face, and one that I think all of us do, is how can we possibly deal with this situation. Is it too much to call this child abuse? Perhaps not. It is a fear-​​based method of limiting the freedom of thought of these children. Is it over-​​stepping the line for me, or any of us, to tell someone how to raise their own children? I think so. I’d like to leave this article open, and I wonder just how we as young people can intervene in some way to save the generation that follows us from falling into the same anti-​​science, anti-​​intellectual pit that their parents have?